17th Century

Weeks 11-16

Week 11

Tuesday, November 9: Milton, Book 1, Book 3 lines 1-134 [CN anti-pagan prejudice]; Lady Mary Wroth, all. [CN: damnation, suicidal ideation]

Wednesday, November 10, 7:00 PM: optional Zoom chat with Bellee Jones-Pierce about disability poetics! (This is something you can write Posts and/or Comments about.)

Details about Intersectionality Talks at https://colab.plymouthcreate.net/programs/intersectionality/

Thursday, November 11: No class! Veteran’s Day

Gustave Dore engraving of Satan flying to Earth, 1882

Week 12

Tuesday, November 16: Milton, Book 4; Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress.” [CN: misogyny, sexual coercion]

Thursday, November 18: Milton, Book 9, and Book 12, lines 466-649 ; Wollstonecraft‘s Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Chap. II. “The Prevailing Opinion of a Sexual Character Discussed,” para. 1-8. [CN: misogyny]

Week 13

Tuesday, November 23: No class! Designated catch-up day (which includes catching up on REST.)

Thursday, November 25: No class!

Week 14

Tuesday, November 30: Cavendish’s The Blazing World, 1-59, and “It is Hard to Believe There Are Other Worlds in this World” [CN: colonization]; if you’d like an audio version of The Blazing World, check out LibriVox.

Thursday, December 2: Cavendish’s The Blazing World, just read through 59! no need to finish to 160; and “Similizing the Brain to a Garden.” [CN: colonization]

Week 15

Tuesday-Thursday, December 7-9: No synchronous class meetings! Instead, book and attend a one-on-one Conference and a small group Peer Review for our Third Projects. No Questions or Reflections are due this week.

Contrary to our last two Project Weeks, conferences will be held on Wed, Thurs, and Friday this time, Dec 8-10. For students playing catch-up, I will also allow conferences to be scheduled on Mon Dec 13 and Wed Dec 15.

Third Projects due by the end of the day on Friday, December 10 (11:59 PM).

Finals, Week 16

Our final exam period will be Thursday, Dec 16 11:00 – 1:30 PM. We’ll be sharing our favorite projects from the semester and reflecting on the arc of the course. Individual presentations will be posted to WordPress as Reflections Posts. (Spoilers: there’s no actual exam, just one final class conversation reflecting on the semester.)

We’ll meet via Zoom, not in-person. This is because of the presentation component involved and the difficulty of managing that in a Hybrid setting.

Before class, select one of the below. Your post should include either 150-200 words of text or 1-2 minutes of audio, and should link back to the project being discussed or the PSU Habits of Mind page.

#1: Present via a new Weekly Post (can involve audio) your favorite project from the semester that you completed.

#2: Present via a new Weekly Post (can involve audio) your fav project someone ELSE completed this semester

#3: In a new weekly Post, Reflect on the PSU Habit of Mind “Integrated Perspective” and what you’ve learned on that front this semester: what have you learned from class readings, discussions, and assignments about “ the recognition that individual beliefs, ideas, and values are influenced by personal experience as well as multiple contextual factors—cultural, historical political, etc.”?

During our Final Exam period, we’ll go around and bring up each person’s post in turn. You can choose to either talk through your post live via Zoom, or to play your pre-recorded video.

All finalized posts are due by the end of the day on Friday, December 17 (11:59 PM).