https://create.kahoot.it/share/the-faerie-queene/da295395-2d6f-48 b7-a367-281e19ed006f For my Second Project in this class, I chose to make a Kahoot for my classmates to play. Kahoot is a fun trivia game that I have used for a handful of projects, and have participated in during different classes multiple times before. It is a great tool that I was introduced to… Read more Kahoot!

Paradise Lost Reflection

I’m really thankful for synchronous class sessions! It helped me understand Paradise Lost better, since I lack a vast religious background. The idea of Satan as a more likable/”sympathetic” figure is one that interested me a bit. Like, I’ve known that Satanism is a thing, but I’ve never stopped to question how it became a… Read more Paradise Lost Reflection

An Unexpected Mash-up

Okay, let’s talk about Paradise Lost Book 1 because WOW. I had a really really hard time with the 16th century literature it was not my jam mostly because I felt like a dog searching for a squirrel I had no clue what was happening. Paradise Lost though, this was some vivid imagery and it… Read more An Unexpected Mash-up

Sing O Heavenly Muse

Forgot to post this yesterday, oops. Question 1: What’s with all these heavenly muses? Some of the greatest classical epics such as the Odyssey and Iliad invoke some kind of muse, and Milton does that in the first few lines of Paradise Lost. The muses from Greek mythology were supposed to represent and be sources… Read more Sing O Heavenly Muse

Satan is …. good?

When I think about religious writing or writing with a religious theme or tone, I think of writing that emphasizes the goodness of God and the evil of Satan. God represents Heaven, hope, peace, and love, while Satan represents Hell, sin, immorality, and corruption. However, book one of Paradise Lost clearly does the exact opposite… Read more Satan is …. good?

Dueling Versions of Dragons

“Wide gaped, like the griesly mouth of hell Through which into his dark abisse all ravin fell” Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queen book 1 Canto 11 lines 107-108 https://rpo.library.utoronto.ca/poems/faerie-queene-book-1-canto-11 Throughout history, dragons have been depicted as the antagonists of fairy tales. They can be used to represent greed, evil, seduction, and even satan himself. In the… Read more Dueling Versions of Dragons