Karma, am I Right?

In the second half of the story we learn about everything that the monster went through, everything he learned and experienced. When he learned about the world and how everything worked he wondered about his mother and father, he wanted to know how he was created. He had stolen the notes that Victor had written… Read more Karma, am I Right?

The Second Creature

As I’ve come to find out, there’s apparently a Frankenstein manga made by Junji Ito, who is known for his unsettling horror works. It has some interesting differences from the original story, mainly regarding the companion that Frankenstein was going to make for his creation. In the manga, he actually succeeds in creating her but… Read more The Second Creature

Companionship and Revenge: Frankenstein Questions

1. What does Frankenstein reveal about the importance of companionship? In this text, companionship is shown to be something that is an essential element to the human condition. When the characters in the text find themselves alone, their mental soundness quickly deteriorates. The monster spent much of the novel sharing his story with trying to… Read more Companionship and Revenge: Frankenstein Questions