Grendel’s Mother and Colonialism

“She who’d ruled these floodlands proudly for  a hundred seasons, ferocious, tenacious, rapacious, yes, she felt his presence in her realm, and knew a man from above was invading the below.” (Headley, 1497-1500) Although Beowulf was written long before the imperialism of Great Britain permanently transformed the international landscape of the world, I can’t help… Read more Grendel’s Mother and Colonialism

Leave Fantasy Alone?

After reading the article on racism from J.R.R. Tolkien, I needed to really take a step back and think. I thought about my childhood and how much Lord of the Rings meant and still means to me, however I have never read the books and probably never will. I’m strictly talking about the films from… Read more Leave Fantasy Alone?


I find it interesting that lycanthropy is seen as a form of disability during the medieval era, rather than talking about people’s disparities, medieval authors chose to use lycanthropy as a way to describe someone’s differences. The Medieval disability glossary talked about the different meaning of lycanthropy, the first being “a kind of insanity” the… Read more Lycanthropy=Disability

Beowulf Questions

What is the author trying to show us about religion in Beowulf?  “ Such then was their custom, the hope of heathens; in their hearts. They bore hell, they knew not the creator, the Judge of all deeds–neither acknowledged the Lord nor knew how to praise the Protector of Heaven, the Ruler of Glory.” Early… Read more Beowulf Questions

Reflecting on Beowulf

For class, today (9/14/21) we were asked to read the last third of Beowulf. In high school, I was asked to read Beowulf as well but never really thought much of its other meanings/ideas until this course. Beowulf is full of twists and turns, particularly a bunch in the last third of it. This leading… Read more Reflecting on Beowulf