Jane Eyre audiobook narration project!


    Jane Eyre inherently invokes discussions of feminism – being one of the first widely popular books being told from the point of view from a female character. I decided to do an audiobook narration of the first chapter, but with a twist. I, as a male, recorded the inner monologues, while one of my female friends recorded all of Jane’s  and other female character’s outward speech, and another male friend reading the other male characters. I did this to show the inherent Misogyny when discussing what the idea of a “Narrator voice” sounds like. Whenever someone mentions “Narrator Voice” – most people’s first thought goes to a deep, masculine voice as opposed to a more feminine one. The idea I’m trying to convey with my narration is how non-jarring it is going from Jane’s inner monologue being a deeper voice as opposed to her outward speaking voice, just due to how we expect a book to be narrated. With the already heavy discussion of between weather or not the text itself is a Feminist piece, I feel that it’s important to point out how it has not come far enough to the point that even when reading something that’s in first person from the point of view of a narrator, the idea of “Narrator voice” is so ingrained in our minds that we are unable to separate it from the text itself.

Here is a link to find the full copy of Jane Eyre https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1260/1260-h/1260-h.htm

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