The Continuation of Frankenstein’s Monster

For my first project, I felt it would be appropriate to do an unessay about Frankenstein, or more specifically the monster of Frankenstein. it’s a story that I have read back in high school, and I mostly enjoyed it. In Frankenstein, I always felt that the creature has lived an unfair life due being denied and harassed by society. Some of the creature’s actions are straight evil and unforgiving but I mostly think this is the reason why he did those things in the first place. That is why I thought it would be a good idea to try and write a continuation of the monster’s side of the story in a more narrative style.

I feel this can give a new perspective on Mary Shelley’s storytelling in Frankenstein. at least, that’s what I felt while trying to write my story. I felt that Shelley focused on the eviler side of Frankenstein’s monster rather than the good side like we saw earlier in the story. It is still a lingering question whether the monster was naturally good, or that he was straight evil to begin with. My project is my own answer to that question.

This is the first time I really wrote a short story like this. This is also the first time that I wrote my own version of another person’s story. The writing isn’t exactly like how it is written in the book; however, I feel that I wrote it in a simple way that doesn’t totally feel like it’s different from the book. Afterall, I’m nowhere near as good of a writer as Mary Shelley. So, there is no real way I can replicate her writing.

I feel that my project shows that British literature can help people create their own stories. Frankenstein might be one of the most influential works of fiction in history. It’s obvious at this point that Frankenstein has influenced different types of authors even to this day. I feel that authors can be inspired by other works in British Literature as well.

My outside research has a lot to do with the themes my story is trying to tell. I wanted to expand upon the themes of Frankenstein as well as add my own themes. One of the things I looked into was the “nature vs nurture” debate. As I said before, I felt the monster wasn’t really a bad guy towards the beginning of his journey in Frankenstein and I wanted to touch upon that as much as I could. I also did research on how loneliness can really affect a person and how it related the monster’s story.

The continuation of Frankenstein’s Monster

            After the death of Victor Frankenstein, the creature knew he had to kill himself and his existence. He thought about all the sins he has committed. The murder and terrorizing he has done has been stuck in his mind ever since Frankenstein started chasing him. He felt nothing but guilt while walking away from Waltons ship and into the cold tundra that was the north pole. The creature wanted to burn himself but didn’t have anything with him to burn. He thinks for a moment.

“I’m going to do what’s right! I’m going to go back where this all began. In Germany.” The monster said.

            The monster took his dog sled and headed his way back from where he started. The Monster spends his journey living in the shadows of everyday society. He decides to only move at night instead of the day since it would be easier to hide from people that way. He also decides to mostly hide in woods and caves until it was the right time to leave.

            During his journey, he stops near Fridericia, a town on the east coast of Denmark. He decided to stay in a deep, dark woods for a while to rest. The woods were dark as night, even sometimes during the day, and made no sound. Not even the noises of animals. The monster felt this was the best place to be due to how much solitude there was and because no one would see him. While there he wakes up during daytime and is fatigued due to sleep troubles caused by his change in his sleep schedule. He couldn’t go back to sleep, so he decided to take a walk close to the town.

            The creature walked until he was at the edge of the woods where he was hiding in. He comes across an elementary school that had a large field where children were playing and laughing. The creature was far on the other side of the field, where the children wouldn’t see him. The creature notices on of the children screaming as if they were in pain. He finds that the scream was from a small boy who had an old scar across one of his eyes that resembled a cut made from a knife. The scar was so big that the eye it overlapped couldn’t open. He was lying on the ground with a pained expression Infront of a group of kids who looked twice his size. The monster knew immediately that the child was getting bullied.

            “What’s the matter, ugly? Upset cause you look like a Cyclops?” one of the bullies said

            The monster, for a split second, saw a little of himself inside the poor boy. He knew what it was like to be hated for how someone looks. He watched as apart of him wanted to do something, however he knew he has done enough in interacting with people and didn’t want to make the situation any worse.

            Each person started to kick the boy while he was on the ground. As on of the bullies started to real back, he was yanked from behind his collar and pulled to the ground. The two other boys in the group looked behind them in surprise. Behind them was a boy who seemed like he was as tall as a teenager.

            The bullies looked up to the tall child in horror, knowing they were outmatched by their size if they were to pick on him.

            “Kick my friend again and you guys are going to see something really ugly!” The tall boy yelled.

            The bullies ran off as far as they could. The tall boy helped up scared child and asked him if he was ok. The scared boy nodded and decided to go back into the school building where it was safer. After the situation died down, the creature walked back thinking about what he saw.

            “That boy helped him!” he thought “Even though he looked so much different from the other kids, he was saved!” The more he thought about it, the more his perspective on his death changed.

            The day after he decided it was best to burn himself in the woods of Fridericia just to get it over with. It was such a cloudy day that the woods became darker than normal. The monster successfully rubbed two sticks together and created a smaller fire to burn himself in. Before he jumps into the fire he stares into it, thinking about if this was really the right decision for himself. He eventually decided not to think anymore and ran towards the large fire. As he was running, there was a rain shower that came out of nowhere. The monster saw his fire become extinguished and stood still for a few moments. He realized how dark the woods were and how much lonliness he felt within the darkness.

            His silence was interrupted by a scream deep in the woods. He runs towards the noise and finds a campsite being raided by a bear. The people of the campsite looked horrified as they watched their campsite become destroyed by the bear. As the bear was charging towards a group of people, the monster jumped in front to cover them and decided for once to embrace his horrifying looking self. He acted bigger and scarier than the bear by screaming and raising its arms at it. This scared the bear and made it run off into the woods.

            The people of the campsite were hesitant but eventually got up and thanked the monster. The people of the camp let the monster join stay with them. The monster learned that they were a family moving Britain to find more success in their lives. The family offered the monster to take him on their journey. Even though the monster didn’t think he deserved it he accepted the request. The monster was finally accepted by another person and lived with the family for the rest of his life. The monster goes on to atone for his sins by protecting others and treating the people he knew best with kindness.

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