Worlds in Worlds

I really enjoyed Margaret Cavendish’s work so I decided to look at one of her poems that we didn’t discuss in class. I looked at her poem “ Of Many Worlds in This World”, her poem is about how every world has smaller worlds inside of each other. I really enjoyed the poem but I decided to rewrite the poem in my own interpretation. The reason for this is because I find that reading these texts from hundreds of years ago, it is quite difficult to really understand what the writer is trying to say. We have to really analyze the piece of work to fully understand it. I decided to keep some of the things that were in the original poem, I did not copy word for word but I did keep some of the words because it is my own interpretation but it is still based on the original.  I think that this poem does a very good job of making you think, the way the poem is written and the topic of the poem makes you really think. It is a very simple poem but very insightful as well. 

Just like in a pile of boxes,

Each box is different, size and shape,

In this world there are many others as well

Each is much smaller than the previous

Even though we are able to see most of them

A world may be no bigger than a single particle

Nature is curious and mysterious

Our dull senses escape

Creatures may be as small as atoms

A world can be made up of a single atom

There may be several worlds in a single earring:

With a million of those atoms in each

The single pin of an earring

A lady will wear

A world of worlds, on each ear

Why does Literature Matter?

I think literature matters is because it gives us a history of the way we were, we can look at works of literature from hundreds of years ago and it can give us a pretty good idea of what is going on. I think without literature we really do not know what life was life. Literature allows us to get into the minds of a specific person and see what life is like, doesn’t really matter if the story is fiction or non-fiction. I even think with this poem it can give us an insight on what life is like, there are worlds within worlds. We as people are just a small minority of this world as we may have a small impact on our family and friends but in all likelihood we are just a small atom in a big world. Without literature we would be unable to know these, someone who reads this poem will be allowed to see what’s going on in my head, which may be interesting or it may not be interesting but it will give you a brief history of what is going on in the world right now in this very moment. The biggest reason why literature matters is because if you look a piece of work from the 1500s and something from the 2000s, there may be some things that are different but the human condition and the human struggle will be the same. That’s the most interesting part of it is that these different works of literature will allow us to realize that we aren’t so much different from people hundreds of years ago. We may have different clothes or speak a different language but at the end of the day we all are trying to survive and provide for our families. 

One thought on “Worlds in Worlds

  1. Loved your post! This reminded me of a poem I wrote in high school, and I appreciated you translating it to your own words for an easier reading of it (it would have been helpful if you embedded a link with the original poem!). It is so fascinating to think about how every living thing on the planet lives their own life. Every human has their own family, pets, jobs, struggles. You can never even begin to guess the way somebody lives their life by a quick glance on the street. And then it gets smaller, like every little bug in the forest lives their own life. Every drop of pond water has living things inside it. It is a crazy concept to think about, but I would argue that thinking about life in this way may make one more empathetic. Somebody cuts you off in traffic; maybe you were speeding? Maybe they are desperately trying to make it to their job interview? Maybe they are a fist time dad trying to rush to the hospital from work because their child is being born? Or maybe… they’re just an asshole. You’ll never know, but I think thinking of the world like this will make you a little bit more aware of the fact that every inch of this planet has a story, and the concept of that is so mind blowing yet beautiful. And I also very much agree that literature can be a window to the thoughts and experiences of people in the past, no matter the genre.

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