The Reuniting

For a first project, I decided to transform a scene from “Chevrefoil” into a comic strip. I specifically, used the stanzas, In the woods she finds that man whoLoves her more than any other. They show their joy, to be together– He can talk to her at leisure,She speaks to him all her pleasure. Then she outlines every… Read more The Reuniting

From Stella

For my second project, I decided to write a sonnet inspired by Sir Philip Sydney’s series of sonnets, “Astrophil and Stella”. In this poems, Astrophil seems to take a strong liking, possible obsession towards Stella. However, through the poems, it comes across as he is only interested in her physical appearance, rather than who she… Read more From Stella

Intertwined Together

Marie de France’s poem, “Chevrefoil”, which translates to honeysuckle, is a poem about Sir Tristram and his lover, the Queen, who is also his uncle’s wife. But I wondered about the meaning of honeysuckle, and exactly of what it represented. In the poem, is it written, For without her he cannot live.For those two, it’s… Read more Intertwined Together

Tolkien vs Morrison

In Dorothy Kim’s “The Question of Race in Beowulf”, she brings forward some important points, focusing majorly on different takes of Beowulf. Kim specifically focuses on analyzing the takeaways of J.R.R. Tolkien and Toni Morrison, two very polarizing viewpoints of the same text. Tolkien’s reading of Beowulf put a major focus on viewing the text… Read more Tolkien vs Morrison

The Tale of Satan

As someone that does not know too much about religion, reading through Paradise Lost was a struggle for me to comprehend. However, there was one line that stood out to me.  “The mind is its own place, and in it selfCan make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n” I found this line interesting… Read more The Tale of Satan

Vulnerability & Betrayal

From the readings today, I wonder about the history of werewolf lore and how it has changed over the years. In Bisclavret, the transformation between a wolf and human is triggered by act of undressing. I’m curious what are the origins behind this take, but also what is the importance of this part of the… Read more Vulnerability & Betrayal