Othello Questions

Question 1: Why did Iago hate Othello so much? I have ’t. It is engendered. Hell and night Must bring this monstrous birth to the world’s light. (Shakespeare, 55) The biggest question that I had after finishing Othello was why Iago did everything he did. There were various reasons given why he hated Othello like… Read more Othello Questions

Roles of Women in Beowulf and Lanval

There was another chapter. An avenger lay in wait, counting sworded seconds until the latest hour, her heart full of hatred. Grendel’s mother, warrior woman, outlaw, meditated on misery. She lived, ill-fated, sinking beneath cold-currents to her kingdom under-country, her line linked to extinction since Cain crossed swords with Abel and fled, murder-marked, to make… Read more Roles of Women in Beowulf and Lanval