Colonialism, Medieval Literature and Land Acknowledgments

Colonialism Colonialism presents itself in many ways throughout Medieval British literature from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to Shakespeare’s Othello, yet it’s hardly noticed unless one looks for it.  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight illustrates a classic example of colonialism that portrays English dominance over Wales. “SGGK offers a colonial view of the… Read more Colonialism, Medieval Literature and Land Acknowledgments

Canto 11

Canto 11 is a fiery scene where Redcross discovers that he may not be able to win against the dragon.  He thinks Una’s parents are in the cave, but they are actually safe in their castle.  After a bloody battle between the dragon and Redcross, they finally make it out of the cave. Soon Redcross… Read more Canto 11


Why does Redcross go looking for Despair? When Redcross meets Sir Trevisan, who survived an encounter with Despair, Sir Trevisan tells him of his friend Sir Terwin who did not survive the encounter with Despair. Despair had given both men tools to commit suicide, Sir Trevisan was given a rope and Sir Terwin a knife. … Read more Canto

Faerie Queene-1

In the very beginning of The Faerie Queene, the knight is described as “gentle,” yet there are plenty of “old dints” in his armor where “deep wounds did remain.” The lady traveling with him is exceedingly “white” with a “black stole,” and she’s mourning and sad. The knight seems rough and she is genteel. What… Read more Faerie Queene-1