Final Post

One of my favorite projects that I did this semester was project number two. For this project, I wrote a free verse poem based on The Faerie Queene, Book 1, Canto 11. I wanted to rewrite this scene in a creative way that allowed for an easier yet interesting read. I also wanted to focus on this scene specifically… Read more Final Post

The Dragon and the Knight

I want to start this blog post off by mentioning how powerful the video “#ToBeBlack” was. You could hear it in their tone of voices how hard it has been to be a black person in America. I heard sadness, anger, and grief in their voices. I enjoyed how they explored this painful truth with texts… Read more The Dragon and the Knight

Hamlet, Ophelia and Mariana

I chose to talk about this because Hamlet by Shakespeare and the poem Mariana by Alfred Tennyson were my favorite texts that we have read. I feel as if I felt for the characters in each story. Both of these “stories” ended up in the same way, resulting in death. While I was reading both of these texts, I… Read more Hamlet, Ophelia and Mariana

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre was an interesting read. I enjoyed reading this but I also felt emotional when reading the story because she has been through so much. This novel reminded me of Shakespeare’s Hamlet as well. Others may think differently, but I believe that Jane Eyre went mad. Her madness escalated just as Hamlet did. They both were… Read more Jane Eyre

Death of the Moth

The death of the moth was a powerful story that had so much meaning behind the actual story. The death of the moth emphasized the power that nature has in the world. The entire that the moth was enclosed in the windowpane, he was trying to escape. There was an entire world waiting for the… Read more Death of the Moth