Returning to Beowulf (Final)

Here’s a link to the original project Beowulf Grammar Lesson (High School) – Rethinking British Literature ( and here’s why I’m still very excited about it. I made this assignment originally as a concept to be used in the high school that I’ll be interning at next semester. It started as only a simple, crude… Read more Returning to Beowulf (Final)

Burnt Out Butterflies

Burnt Out Butterflies Fly of tired eyes Minds strong and inaccessible yet Severed thought, deep bud Grown, scratched, broken from the earth The vastness of her majesty presented A Garden of Gardeners Unified by our horrid majesty Each flower singed by acid rain The brain is needed for pain And each here aimed growth in… Read more Burnt Out Butterflies

The King and I

I don’t usually respond to weekly readings like this but I’m going to have to disagree with Adams on this one. I actually love the movie The King. And not for the reasons that Adams would probably expect someone to enjoy this piece so much. Contextually, I didn’t watch this movie thinking of it as… Read more The King and I

Self Hate and ableism

I want to take a moment to expand on the quote that we looked at in class for our model post. Then as thyself to lepers hast assigned,         With hyssop, Lord, thy hyssop, purge me so:And that shall cleanse the lepry of my mind.         Make over me thy mercy’s streams to flow,         So shall my… Read more Self Hate and ableism

Beo wolf

Yeah I’m gonna be that guy and make my title a pun, I’m also gonna be that guy who uses an in class discussion for my weekly blog post. You’re welcome. So Beowulf is a dog, I’m here to argue that, it’s just reality now. He’s overzealous and excitable, if he could, he’d hump the… Read more Beo wolf