Project 2

Joseph Gage  Dr. Helms  12/11/2022  Tragedy of Othello… and every other story written by Shakespeare  As many people know, Shakespeare was an English playwright in the 16th century. He wrote many famous plays and even played in some of them as well, among these plays were some of the most well known plays to man.… Read more Project 2

11/8 Post

So we talked a little bit about inspiration for other sources of media that portray the devil as a handsome or charming creature being Paradise Lost, However i am wondering what other forms of media have become staples for this type of representation as well. The first thing that comes to mind would be the… Read more 11/8 Post

Nov 3 Post

With religious beings i have always wondered why many people and the original bible portrayed demons as more human than angels. Is it to show that angels are beyond human comprehension? Or is it to show that humans are close to demons and have many of the same evil features such as tricking others in… Read more Nov 3 Post