“I Am Your Own Forever” (Found Poem)

~ Did the worldsleep yesterday?Thou had stol’n hours,free and merry.I found kisses on lips,wanting to tastesweet nothingforever. You,whose love eternal,hadst been born ananswer to provelife and heaven.All earth amazed;for nothing greaterthan you. You liv’st tomake a world honest—I thank you forthis love.If there beknives, poison, or fire,I’ll endure it with passionto see you. You give… Read more “I Am Your Own Forever” (Found Poem)

Fear, Attraction, Violence, and Sex

[Written after finishing BEOWULF, connecting with Cohen] “The monster is continually linked to forbidden practices, in order to normalize and to enforce. The monster also attracts. The same creatures who terrify and interdict can evoke potent escapist fantasies; the linking of monstrosity with the forbidden makes the monster all the more appealing as a temporary… Read more Fear, Attraction, Violence, and Sex