In Defense of Eve

How can we account for and justify the sexism Eve faces before eating the apple? If the apple was the thing that unleashed knowledge of evil unto humanity, why was she dealing with gender politics? Shouldn’t inequality be included in the “fuck mankind” category? “Whence true autority in men; though both Not equal, as thir… Read more In Defense of Eve

Transformative Justice in Othello

Prominent Transformative Justice advocate Mia Mingus defines Transformative Justice as, “Transformative Justice (TJ) is a political framework and approach for responding to violence, harm and abuse. At its most basic, it seeks to respond to violence without creating more violence and/or engaging in harm reduction to lessen the violence” (TJ, A Brief Description, 2020). It’s… Read more Transformative Justice in Othello

Trust and Distrust in Othello

This post is responding to a question that was posed in class, about why Othello was so willing to believe Iago. Othello supposedly loves Desdemona, so why is he so quick to believe Iago’s accusations about her infidelity? Prior to his accusations, Iago establishes a deep sense of trust with Othello. He is then able… Read more Trust and Distrust in Othello


This is going to be a reflection on a term that was brought up for like thirty seconds in class, “sprezzatura.” Sprezzatura essentially means putting a lot of effort into something, such as appearance or artwork, with the purpose of it looking low effort. I came across this enlightening yet horrifying article from 2018. It… Read more Sprezzatura

Beowulf: Life Coach

For my unessay, I imagined a world in which Beowulf took to the internet to impart his wisdom on unsuspecting masses, as a life coach. What better way to draw vulnerable populations to him! To advertise himself and attempt to gather new clientele, I designed the beginnings of Beowulf’s Life Coach website.  After viewing around… Read more Beowulf: Life Coach

Beowulf, Grendel, and Class

The original manuscript of Beowulf long predates capitalism as we know it today, however the characters still interact with class. How does class shape Beowulf’s experiences in Heorot? We get this description of Beowulf and his troop: “They’re well-dressed, thus well born, and thus worthy. And the man who led them here- he looks so… Read more Beowulf, Grendel, and Class