The Mystery of Life and Death

“Thou know’st ’tis common; all that lives must die,Passing through nature to eternity.” Hamlet “So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein—more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation.” Frankenstein… Read more The Mystery of Life and Death

Gender in Jane Eyre

Throughout The entire story, Jane is victimized by gender roles imposed on her by society and those around her. Is the language used towards Jane, and women in general, meant to show how women were treated during those times? “Where the dickens is she!” he continued. “Lizzy! Georgy! (calling to his sisters) Joan is not… Read more Gender in Jane Eyre

Does alienation cause dissociation from humanity?

Throughout the story of Frankenstein themes of social isolation and alienation are extremely prevalent. The main character, Frankenstein’s creator, is plagued by sever loneliness and isolation as he creates his monster. Even the fact that he must keep the origins of Frankenstein’s creation a secret creates a space between him and society. When someone spends… Read more Does alienation cause dissociation from humanity?

A Commonplace Book (Analyzing Gender Roles through Literature)

Commonplace books were popular ways to compile knowledge from the renaissance to the 19th century. Things like poems, recipes, and important quotes to remember were written down in these books along with a description or notes on the topic. People would store quotations, definitions, and include personal observations along with them. Professor Helms gave me… Read more A Commonplace Book (Analyzing Gender Roles through Literature)

Dueling Versions of Dragons

“Wide gaped, like the griesly mouth of hell Through which into his dark abisse all ravin fell” Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queen book 1 Canto 11 lines 107-108 Throughout history, dragons have been depicted as the antagonists of fairy tales. They can be used to represent greed, evil, seduction, and even satan himself. In the… Read more Dueling Versions of Dragons