Lanval Redux

by Matt Travers For this project I decided to rewrite Lanval as if Lanval was a Gen Z teen. Rather than being an unappreciated member of King Arthurs court wishing for a fair maiden, Lanval is a crew member at a Burger King who just wants to be paid a living wage. You can either… Read more Lanval Redux

Lanval Text Quest For my first project of the semester, I knew I wanted to do something with Marie de France. I say that but it’s sort of a lie. I did consider doing a text quest with Beowulf at first because, as an epic, it just has more action and grand adventure in it by nature… Read more Lanval Text Quest


For my unessay, I chose to do a retelling of Bisclavret following the form of Judith Shoaf’s translation (the version we read for class). I have the same rhyming couplets, and I tried to keep the language and general tone as similar as possible to her translation. I wanted to explore the relationship between Bisclavret… Read more BI-sclavret

To Define and Seek Out Truth: Beowulf and Marie de France Poetry

In order to avoid the controversial “the fish is this big” in fictional epic poems and stories like Beowulf and Marie de France’s Bisclavret and Chevrefoil truth must be established at the start and throughout the piece. In Chevrefoil, in the first and third line it says, “it’s my pleasure and I want truly…the truth… Read more To Define and Seek Out Truth: Beowulf and Marie de France Poetry

Witch or Woman?

A collection of photos, depicting women in 16th century literature. Women in medieval literature were typically one dimensional characters. They weren’t the hero or anything other than a trouble maker. They were depicted as pure and good or promiscuous and evil. They were one thing or the other. The lighting in this image shows only… Read more Witch or Woman?