Scandinavian Sword

For my project I decided to make a sword out of carboard (I had way too much laying around). I decided to make a Scandinavian inspired sword that could have possibly been similar to Beowulf’s sword used to kill Grendel’s mother. In the poem it is described as “Below, in Beowulf’s hands, the slaying-sword began… Read more Scandinavian Sword

Roles of Women in Beowulf and Lanval

There was another chapter. An avenger lay in wait, counting sworded seconds until the latest hour, her heart full of hatred. Grendel’s mother, warrior woman, outlaw, meditated on misery. She lived, ill-fated, sinking beneath cold-currents to her kingdom under-country, her line linked to extinction since Cain crossed swords with Abel and fled, murder-marked, to make… Read more Roles of Women in Beowulf and Lanval

Project 1: Ecological Criticism and Beowulf

Luke Harding Helms Rethinking Medieval Literature September 30, 2021 Beowulf  and the Ecosystem Ecological criticisms range in their application and practice within literature. They include analyses in individual close readings of a text’s representation of human and environmental relationships as well as overall studies into the interpretation and expression of the natural world across texts… Read more Project 1: Ecological Criticism and Beowulf

My Own World

My Own World By: Gabriel McSherry I usually try to stay away from campus for everything I fear and despise lurks within, and paths through the darkness of the woods seem to calm me. A misunderstood land where creeps and criminals lay low after dark, but if they only knew the only foe you may… Read more My Own World

I’m Worthy

Walking through the gates of the kingdom,  A husband and wife make their way to  The celebration of King Arthur’s knights.   Returning home from battle to join  Their master, by his side at the Round Table  Once again.  Passing through the thick crowd,  The couple bumps into two of the knights.  Getting the unlucky attention of the superior soldier.  “Damn, that’s one fine looking… Read more I’m Worthy

Beowulf; The Musical

Unfortunately, I did not create an entire musical for my project, although that would’ve been amazing. I decided to create various playlists for some of the characters within Beowulf and focus on displaying their thoughts through lyrics. Just a slight note; all the playlists are done in an order of the progression of their thoughts… Read more Beowulf; The Musical