Question: 12/1

In the next part of Margaret Cavendish’s “The Blazing World”, the Empress continues to press for an understanding of the way the world works, but is caught on one complex factor, which was the devout religion of a seemingly knowledgeable people that, to the Empress, was simply incorrect. The Empress, seemingly of a Euro-Christian background,… Read more Question: 12/1


After talking about who we would caste as each character, I wanted to circle back around to casting Eve. I thought it would be very ironic to caste Amber Heard as Eve. Something about this story painting Eve as this secret abuser, the dramatics of it. I just feel like the audience would really read… Read more Milton

Cherub Vs Snake

In Milton’s retelling of this story, in Book 3 I think it is, Satan disguised himself as a Cherub. I thought this was super interesting choice. Satan is almost always some kind of serpent, which has always held a lot of weight to me. Considering this was one of the only things I believe Christianity… Read more Cherub Vs Snake