Favorite Project

My favorite project has to be Colton making the Green Knight a playable DND character. I think my favorite part about it, so how much I disagree with how he designed the Green Knight. Making him a Bard never really occurred to me. Colton argues it’s because the Green Knight doesn’t actually really fight a… Read more Favorite Project

Final Reflection #3

Reflecting back on this class, I think integrated perspective was highlighted throughout the entirety of the semester and our readings. I mean the blog itself along with the Colab we did on the padlet every class demonstrated an integrated perspective, as we created a space where students could share their questions, reflections, and ideas to… Read more Final Reflection #3

Final Reflection- Don’t Spend your Life Writing Papers

Jordan Smith I am a paper-person. Whenever a creative project comes up, I usually opt for the “non-creative” option. In all of my classes with Professor Helms, I have done at least one creative project, or “unessay” for a semester project, and the result is the same: in doing a creative project, I am utilizing… Read more Final Reflection- Don’t Spend your Life Writing Papers