Project 1

Olivia Lowrey Professor Helms Rethinking Medieval Literature October 14th, 2022 Loyalty and Literature The texts we have read in class have far more overlap than I originally thought. They contain a multitude of theme crossovers, sometimes even more than one. It was difficult to narrow in on just one theme, but my essay will present… Read more Project 1

The Green Knight Characters as Playable D&D Characters

There’s something very unique about the fantasy world that David Lowery helps create in his rendition of the tale of the Green Knight. Compared to other fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings or The Princess Bride, the fantasy elements feel more matter-of-fact and almost gritty, all while still maintaining a sense of wonder and… Read more The Green Knight Characters as Playable D&D Characters

Monstrosity in Literature and Film

Monstrosity is a curious thing. Anything can be considered monstrous. People, animals, and things conjured from the imagination can all be attributed monstrous characteristics and therefore considered monsters. But we know from experience that if a character is a true character, three dimensional, complex, real, it isn’t just one thing, good or bad. Nothing is… Read more Monstrosity in Literature and Film

Project 1

Michael Gill Dr. Helms EN 3240 14 October 2022 Project  Throughout the readings within class at this time in the semester there have been many themes that I have seen that relate to other readings in multiple ways. One theme I have noticed that has stuck with me so far this year is the pressure… Read more Project 1