Grendel’s Mother and Colonialism

“She who’d ruled these floodlands proudly for  a hundred seasons, ferocious, tenacious, rapacious, yes, she felt his presence in her realm, and knew a man from above was invading the below.” (Headley, 1497-1500) Although Beowulf was written long before the imperialism of Great Britain permanently transformed the international landscape of the world, I can’t help… Read more Grendel’s Mother and Colonialism


For the very last reflection I wanted to ask some questions that are still lingering for me, I do have my own opinion on them but I am interested if other people have these questions. Should we still read a work even if we know the Author is a terrible person?? This one always tends… Read more Questions

The Black Death

“Black Death” Matters: A modern take on Medieval Pandemic”, I thought this was very good article to read especially because on how it compares to the pandemic we are currently going through. I think one of the biggest points that were stated in the article was that racial violence was drastically increased during the Bubonic… Read more The Black Death


For one of the last reflections I wanted to talk about the class in general and all the things I have taken away from the class and also some of the struggles. To start off I really enjoyed this class, it was one of the more difficult classes for this semester but that is mainly… Read more Conclusion


“#ToBeBlack” maybe one of the most powerful things I have watched, it gives you such an insight on what is going on in this world. The best part is they use Shakespeare’s words which were never intended for this but this video is better than any of the books Shakespeare has ever written. I think… Read more #ToBeBlack

Tolkien at it again

This class has made me realize a lot of things about racism in literature, and I am someone who thought I was pretty aware of a lot of racism in the world but I was proved wrong after reading “Orcs, Britons, And The Martial Race Myth, Part 2: They’re Not Human”. In Part one I… Read more Tolkien at it again