I find it interesting that lycanthropy is seen as a form of disability during the medieval era, rather than talking about people’s disparities, medieval authors chose to use lycanthropy as a way to describe someone’s differences. The Medieval disability glossary talked about the different meaning of lycanthropy, the first being “a kind of insanity” the… Read more Lycanthropy=Disability

Reflecting on Beowulf

For class, today (9/14/21) we were asked to read the last third of Beowulf. In high school, I was asked to read Beowulf as well but never really thought much of its other meanings/ideas until this course. Beowulf is full of twists and turns, particularly a bunch in the last third of it. This leading… Read more Reflecting on Beowulf

The Mere-Wife

In the introduction of Headley’s version of Beowulf she talks about how she liked Grendel’s mother because she was a strong woman. The entire time I was reading the part with Grendel’s mother I couldn’t help looking up to her. She wanted revenge and she killed people, but only because they did it to her… Read more The Mere-Wife