My Iago Costume

 Performing in live theater always brought so much fun and excitement for me when I was in highschool. I especially had fun dressing up and seeing the different types of costumes. Different ways someone can look in order to obtain a different persona to perform on stage. I love costumes, even though I personally am not… Read more My Iago Costume

Death Death Death

By: Gabriel McSherry From Othello, 1995 to Macbeth, 2015 and ending with The King, 2019, it was an interesting and long journey. If I’ve learned anything from watching these three movies, it’s two things: 1. I’m a visual learner especially when it comes to Shakespeare, and 2. an angry Michael Fassbender is the last thing… Read more Death Death Death

Freedom Without Expectation

Before reading this opinion piece, I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this short video: #Tobeblack. “Rap or Go to The League” – 2Chainz Freedom Without Expectation American Moor, the performance created and performed by Keith Hamilton Cobb, was a stroke of genius. Through his production, Cobb, explores the racially charged phenomenon… Read more Freedom Without Expectation

Project 2

Luke Harding Helms Rethinking Medieval Literature November 5, 2021 Using Things of Darkness to Analyze Themes of Race in Othello and American Moor Things of Darkness by Kim F. Hall introduces a number of racial analysis methods and themes that can be applied to a variety of works, particularly early British and Medieval literature such as… Read more Project 2