A Melody

I decided for my last project to do another song, but I really wanted to challenge myself this time, so I decided to use the ukulele as my instrument of choice. This was most certainly a challenge because the fretboard is so tiny, and my fingers are rather large so the chords I played in… Read more A Melody


! Content warning: physical violence, bullying, profanity, and losing a loved one ! Part 1 I still remember how it felt. Rage boiling inside me and rising to the surface. Every inch of me buzzing and alive, anger pumping my body with adrenaline. It felt as though my insides were on fire. A deep ache… Read more Invisible

Inspired By ‘After Death’

. . . Thorn adorned vines wrapped around my wristsSnaked their way across my limbsHad made themselves home in my lungsCrept slowly before piercing my heart Each day they grew stronger and tougherCutting me open further and furtherBut you never seemed to noticeTo even spare a second glance Now I layThe vines encasing my frail… Read more Inspired By ‘After Death’

Trouble with Categorization: Transatlanticism and The Victorian/Modernist Divide

The similarities and differences between English literature and American literature is a continuous subject of debate; a very traditional idea that’s hard to move away from entirely. The evident distinction from American and British modernism is based on historical context, but the two subcategories also differ in style, grammar, and language. For instance, British writers… Read more Trouble with Categorization: Transatlanticism and The Victorian/Modernist Divide