Paradise Lost Jeopardy Game For my third unessay, I chose to create a Jeopardy-style review game that could be used in the classroom. The game is based on Paradise Lost, focusing on four main categories of characters, themes and symbols, history and Milton, and quotes. Each category has leveled questions, with each being worth a different amount of “money”.… Read more Paradise Lost Jeopardy Game

Accidentally a Demon

The content of the below post may be disturbing to some. It involves gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, dissociative identity disorder, body horror, gore, and contemplations of suicide/death. Please only continue if these topics will not prove too upsetting to you personally; only you can make this judgement for yourself. Consider yourself forewarned.  In all honesty,… Read more Accidentally a Demon

Creatures, Cosmology, and Cavendish: The Importance of Science and Philosophy in “The Blazing-World”

Those within Margaret Cavendish’s social circle described her as “eccentric.” Women of her time most likely regarded the duchess’s boisterous and flirtatious personality as unbecoming of a woman with her age and status. She wrote about science and philosophy of the mid 1600s, which were strictly for male intellectuals at the time, and led her… Read more Creatures, Cosmology, and Cavendish: The Importance of Science and Philosophy in “The Blazing-World”

Third Project For our Third Project, I decided to do a Kahoot like I did for the last project we had. This time around, I decided to do the Kahoot on another text we focused on in class this semester, Paradise Lost, by John Milton. Just like the last one, there are 20 questions, which are… Read more Third Project

Tasting Knowledge

Written by Lucian Paradise – HELLoFRESH Chef and Foodie So you’ve recently come across some wonderful fruits in Eden, a serpent has approached you, and is making some excellent points as to why you may wish to eat them. After all, what could it hurt to have just a little bit of knowledge? I mean,… Read more Tasting Knowledge

Welcome to the Third Project!

Posts for the Third Project will go here. You’re welcome to start working on a Draft for this category (“Third Project”) at any time. Please wait to publish your post until you’d like feedback from me and from others in our class. (Published posts can of course still be edited!)