The Lady in Red

“The Red Room” in Jane Eyre can apply to every woman who has ever felt “trapped” by their role in society as a woman. This picture is, of course, of Jane shown completely in mostly black-and-white (not red) contradictory to the title name. This is a metaphor for the way in which we have a… Read more The Lady in Red

Matt writes fanfic I think

For this final project, I’d originally intended to write a poem from Jane Eyre’s perspective in the style of Carrion Comfort by Gerard Hopkins. I then switched gears to writing the poem from the POV of Jane Eyre to that of Antoinette, until I finally scrapped the Hopkins part and just wrote a poem about… Read more Matt writes fanfic I think

A Melody

I decided for my last project to do another song, but I really wanted to challenge myself this time, so I decided to use the ukulele as my instrument of choice. This was most certainly a challenge because the fretboard is so tiny, and my fingers are rather large so the chords I played in… Read more A Melody