Hamlet and Frankenstein

Week 2: Tues, Feb 9th

Before class: 

In class (synchronous) and on our course site (asynchronous): 

Mel Gibson, 1990, To be or not to be (3:46)

Ethan Hawke, 2000, To be or not to be (2:49)

David Tennant, 2009, To be or not to be (3:02)

Ian Holm, 1990, To thine own self be true (0:45-2:15)

Bill Murray, 2000, To thine own self be true (2:42)

Oliver Ford Davies, 2009, To thine own self be true (2:45-4:30)

Helena Bonham Carter, 1990, Ophelia’s Act 4 Madness, (3:30)

Julia Stiles, 2000, Ophelia’s Act 4 Madness (1:01)

Week 3: Tues, Feb 16th

Before class:

Week 4: Tues, Feb 23rd 

Before class: 

In class: 

On WordPress: 

  • If you haven’t already, sign up for an online Teams text-chat conference for next week here.
  • If you haven’t already, start drafting your First Project.

Week 5: Tues, Mar 2nd NO CLASS

Instead, sign up for an online, one-on-one conference here. Instructions are at the link. 

Before our meeting:

  • No weekly questions due this week!
  • Read Barker and Murray’s “Introduction: On Reading Disability in Literature”
  • Get as much work done on your rough draft of your First Project as you can. You don’t need to be done, but the more you have finished, the more we can discuss.
    • Optional: read They Say / I Say, 43-52

Friday, March 5th: First Project due.