11/29 “The Blazing World” reflection

Although this reading was a bit different from many other readings I have had it was interesting to read about the different kinds of animal-like men that all lived on separate islands but were all very polite to each other when they came into contact. Page 15 talks about how the different kinds of men had specific jobs or duties based on their species which made me think of the different jobs and responsibilities that men from different nations/countries have and why they are crucial to their culture. A line that I found interesting was, “Of the States-men she enquired, first, Why they had so few Laws? To which they answered, That many Laws made many Divisions, which most commonly did breed Factions, and at last brake out into open Wars” (Maxwell, 16). This made me think about how this story seemed to be a bout a utopia that was unlike any other world seen before. I think we can all agree that there is such a thing as too many laws but there would also be very big problems if our societies today did not have certain laws. The reading also talks about how “The Blazing World” did not have any currency, and instead relied on each other and their skills as a form of currency. Instead of paying someone for their time as they help with an issue you pay them back with your time and use your skills to help benefit those who already helped you.

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