Beowulf Last section

First I wanted to start off by saying I truly enjoyed reading “Beowulf” as I was entertained throughout the whole thing. We can see throughout the story that Beowulf is a strong and independent person, who really shows no fear, except in the last section of the reading where he states, ” It dawned on him, he was afraid” (pg 111), when he was fighting the dragon. Every fight he is in he has really been the only one to do the fighting, as if he enjoys the challenge, and gives him an ego boost almost. In the last section, he realizes his age and that he can’t do the fight alone, yet still does, “My men stay here…this is my fight. I don’t ask for intervention” (Pg 109). Why do you think that Beowulf likes to fight alone? Why does he still bring his men if he does fight alone? Do you think this was the first time he was truly afraid?

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