Beowulf Question: 95-136

What was the spell/curse on the treasure in the dragons hoard about? I don’t fully understand if this was meant to be a metaphor for the destruction that the theft of it caused, or if it is supposed to mean that there was a literal spell/curse.

“There was a spell on the hoard, left by a skeleton tribe, a ward that said no man could touch it unless God, Glory-Dispenser and Hoarder of Humanity, chose a hero and gave permission for the treasures to disperse.”

Headley, Maria Dahvana. Beowulf a New Translation, MCD x FSG Originals, New York, 2020, pp. 131

If it was a curse, is that what made the dragon so angry, to the point that she had to burn all that she could? Or was that simply a dragons urge to hoard and protect their treasure? If so, it would make sense that she would seek revenge. Or, was that urge created by the curse itself, were it literal?

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