Blazing World 31-59 Question

I think it is funny that they have bird-men, bear-men, worm-men, and so on, but are confused about the lack of blood in some sea creatures. In Blazing World, it says:

“and Fruits, as those that are produced out of Flesh, had no blood: But, replied the Empress, If those mentioned creatures have no blood, how is it possible they can live? for it is commonly said, That the life of an Animal consists in the blood, which is the seat of the Animal spirits.” (Cavendish, 34).

Why are they so shocked to learn this, but are casual about half-man half-animal crossover breeds? Like the lack of blood in some animals is more shocking than a half-man half-worm coming up to you and telling you this information? I thought that was genuinely so funny because we really grazed over the fact that most of these characters are not even human. Their interest in the biology of different creatures is fun to read because obviously they do not make much sense. It is cool to read some the outlandish explanations for things in this text.

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