Blazing World 31-59 reflection

Wow, this continues to just be all scientific speculation. I enjoy the talk about alchemy and the four humors and the ‘Galenical Physicians’ (as Galen pioneered the theory of the 4 humors of the body).

The discussion of plague is interesting because they touch on the idea that we know to be correct, the idea of disease being transmitted through particles, bacteria, etc. But they dismiss it in theory of limbs imitating the motions of one another, so a sick area of the body will spread that way.

The text, amongst confusing logic problems, offers the interesting insight that Art is irregular and only confuses man. But the parrot people disagree and say that natural philosophy would be imperfect without Art.

The empress is learning a lot that people have not yet learned in her own world. Does she plan on returning to share this knowledge? Would people believe her if she speaks of animal people who are scientists, philosophers, etc? This whole book gives me Chronicles of Narnia vibes.

I do like seeing a female character have such strong opinions, though. She makes it known what she thinks of each science and it’s refreshing. Do I agree with her all the time? No, but she’s certainly at least more than a 2-dimensional character, and it’s nice to see.

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