Blazing World 31-59 Reflection

I thought our padlet Collab about which scientists we would choose from “Blazing World” to research a modern day question was very thought provoking. As much as we have evolved over time scientifically, there is still so much that humans simply do not know and do not have the capability of understanding just yet. Some interesting research topics that caught my eye were global warming, the creation of the universe, and even communicating with fungi. It is interesting to think about assigning these specific “creatures” to a certain job. In Tess, Liliane, and Aiden did their Collab post on assigning the mushroom-men to the research question of “Can the communication methods of fungi be replicated by other organisms?” These questions brought up things I had never even thought of and the communication of fungi and replicating that in other organisms is a really interesting concept. It is also something I never thought I would think about while in this class or while reading “Blazing World”.

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