Blazing World Reflection

The conversation we had in class about what genre we would consider this text was very interesting to me because of all the different answers people came up with. At first, I very much viewed it as science fiction just because of the language used and like she is trying to explain scientific ideologies. But, after reading other posts, I am leaning more towards mythological and fantasy fiction. The one that swayed me was Lauren Pelletier’s post in the padlet titled “genre?” They say:

“It seems to be based in reality but the personification of things that are not “human” makes me think of a classic fantasy world. Based in our human world with aspects we can relate to but half animal half man beings are something that we could never see in the world we know, classifying it best under fantasy.” (Lauren Pelletier).

I paid more attention to the language used, but besides that, this would definitely fit into a fantasy genre. The descriptions of the beings sound like mythological creatures. Like when she says:

“they came into an Island where there were Men which had heads, beaks, and feathers, like wild-Geese, onely they went in an upright shape, like the Bear-men and Fox-men: their rumps they carried between their legs, their wings were of the same length with their Bodies, and their tails of an indifferent size, trailing after them like a Ladie’s Garment;” (Cavendish, 5).

Although it still fits with science fiction-I now feel like it makes more sense to classify it under fantasy given the descriptors of things.

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