Daily question for Beowulf 42-95

What is the significance of religion in Beowulf? Occasionally, there are references to God and certain religious aspects. What does this mean for the people? is religion being used in a harmful way? In lines 973-979, Beowulf says “Behold! Nothing could live limited like that. The last of his blood must have boiled by now, braiding itself about his body, chaining him in coils of pain. He’s dying now, if not already dead, a sinner awaiting sentence. God, not me, will judge him.” (973-979). For people who think God is the only one to judge, they really do some horrible things and are constantly talking about the idea of death and violence. Is this not seen as sin? It is also said “God’s in charge, always has been, always will be, and anyone who lives long will endure both ecstasy and ugliness.” (1060-1062). Do they see God as a hero? A punisher? Both?

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