Empress in Control (Daily Question for 12/01)

At the start of Blazing World, Cavendish made the Empress a very sound, confident, and smart lady that was exploring this new world she stumbled upon, and tried to give her helpful inputs wherever/whenever she could. This was a feel-good story at first. Reading parts 31-59 however, things take a turn for the worst. As the Empress learns more and more about the Blazing World, she realizes how much she disapproves of their ways. 

Then came the Lice-men, and endeavoured to measure all things to a hairs-breadth, and weigh them to an Atom; but their weights would seldom agree, especially in the weighing of Air, which they found a task impossible to be done; at which the Empress began to be displeased, and told them, that there was neither Truth nor Justice in their Profession; and so dissolved their society.” (part 55).

My question for the class would be do you think the Empress choice to disband all these societies is a good decision? I found it sad reading all these cool groups’ dreams and goals being crushed, but I would like to see some different perspectives on the matter. 

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