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My favorite project to do was my second one. I did an unessay and it was a plot summary/pitch for a t.v. show for The Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish. There is already a film titled “The Blazing World” that came out in 2021. I have not watched it, but the reviews are questionable and the summary sounds completely different than the original text. I thought it would be interesting to do my own little pitch and write down things I would do. I definitely changed some things about the original text, but kept it having the same overall point. I only did part one so I did not do a pitch for the whole text. I changed small things like how the Emperor refers to the Empress or small actions. One bigger thing I changed was the platonic relationship between the Empress and her scribe. The text made it obvious it was a platonic relationship, so I made that a little more vague. I do not say it is platonic or not platonic, I simply just leave it up to the reader. Writing this was super fun for me! Here is the project:

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