Good Vs Evil Discussion

One idea we talked about during class on Thursday was the idea of good vs evil. This topic can have many conversations centered around it depending on what you choose to talk about and reminds me of the nature vs nurture debate. The idea of good vs evil is whether are you born good/evil or does your environment and upbringing have you become one or the other. The other idea is whether you are truly good or truly evil or can be a mix. For me, I think you can be a combination of good and evil and feel like no one can be truly one or the other. The idea of good in my mind and what a majority of other people feel as well is putting others before yourself. By that standard putting yourself before others would be considered evil, but is it really? We are all taught to put ourselves before others in certain circumstances. I also feel like if you were purely good, violence is something you would not commit. I am not saying we would all commit an act of violence out of the blue but the idea of fight vs flight plays into here If you are being attacked, you are worried about your safety and will do whatever is necessary to be safe.

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