Integrated Perspective Final Post

At Plymouth State, we like to focus on the habits of mind, which can be broken down into four categories, one of them being integrated perspective. Integrated perspective is one of the main focuses in this class, and the focus of this category is to “recognize that individuals, beliefs, ideas, and values are influenced by personal experience as well as multiple contextual factors- cultural, historical, political, etc.”. One of the things this category mentions is the ability to learn and discuss other people’s thoughts and views, which is something I think the class did really well. In every class discussion, I was able to hear multiple classmates’ viewpoints on the readings, whether it be why they think the author wrote it this way, what they took away from the passages, their thoughts on word choice, etc. Even with our Padlet activities, we would all have the same question to answer, but all have different answers to the question. Even if the answers were similar, we had different quotes that we thought would support our answer the best. Even with the readings, I was able to see the author’s different viewpoints on different topics such as Religion, politics, racism, thoughts on women, etc. Two authors could have focused on Religion in their writings, but have two different outlooks on it due to personal experiences, such as age, gender, race, status, etc.

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