Margaret Cavendish

In Margaret Cavendish’s poem titled, It Is Hard To Believe That There Are Other Worlds In This World, she uses metaphors and similes throughout the entirety of the poem to explain the concept of smaller worlds living in our own world. I think this is a very fascinating concept and one that is highly realistic if you look into the ideas of consciousness and animals. I am a huge fan of the Marvel movies and in the Ant-Man movies, they discuss the idea of the Quantum Realm, which is basically a smaller world, smaller than the size of an atom (I believe). One quote that stuck out to me in the poem was,

“For many things, our senses may dull scape, For there too gross to know each form and shape, so in this world, another may be, for which we do neither touch, taste, smell, hear see, what eye so clear yet did ever see” (7-11).

This quote discusses our five senses and how in this other world we don’t see, hear, smell, touch, or taste these other worlds. I think when looking at it in the conscious perspective, we as humans can’t process a world smaller than ours but if you think about it, there all around us. For starters, think of ants, they are tiny creatures that live in their own world and have their own colonies. Even though we can’t fully comprehend or view life the way they do, they still have another world. Also our senses are limited in certain areas compared to other animals. Think of shrimp, they can see more colors they we can, and even though we know this fact, our minds can’t comprehend what those colors are. My question is, is it actually hard to believe the fact that there are other worlds then just our world?

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