My favorite Project Final Post

Out of the two projects I completed this year, I would have to say my favorite one I did was my first project. Both of my projects were in the style of a traditional essay but for my first essay, I was able to include a visual image which I believe helped tie everything together. My first project focused on the women in the different texts we read and how in almost every single one, they were viewed as bad/villainous people/creatures. I then compared how even those texts we read were written a long time ago, even in modern-day art, they are viewed the same way. The goal of the essay was to prove that these females weren’t actually bad but the actions of the men in the stories towards them were what made them seem bad. I used examples from Beowulf, Medusa, Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and Maleficient. This was my favorite project I did mainly because I knew what I wanted to write about right away when we were assigned the assignment. I liked the overall whole concept, the female I chose, and I had fun doing the research for it. My favorite part of the whole thing was the incorporation of the modern-day Medusa statue that shows Medusa holding the head of Perseus, rather than the old-time myth that shows Perseus holding the head of Medusa. With Medusa though, I related her to females in general, specifically those who are victims of sexual assault, and how even though, what happened to them was bad, many of the victims are still blamed for the occurrence.

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