Paradise Lost Book 1 Reflection

I was drawn to a few quotes in this book:

I feel like this shows a surprising amount of optimism, for someone who was just banished from Heaven after losing a war. And I feel like this sets up a deeper connection to the theme of free will. I feel as though Satan and the other demons are almost made more human in their lack of connection with Heaven. In this book, we learn of the demons and how they are made into pagan gods after the fall (which really, a chunk of a book roasting pagan religions and equating their deities to demons really rubs me wrong, but whatever). Line 481 to 482 reads ‘Thir wandring Gods disguis’d in brutish forms
Rather then human.” Does this mean they are more bestial than human? This line refers to the gods of Egypt, represented with animal heads, but in general, I do think the demons are given bestial depictions. However, I think in choosing to turn their backs on Heaven and commit ‘sin’, they are more human than angels, or perhaps, the evil they decide to make in the world gives way for the sin that sort of defines the fallible nature of humans. In a way, they set themselves up as being instrumental for the free will of humans.

“If then his Providence
Out of our evil seek to bring forth good,
Our labour must be to pervert that end,
And out of good still to find means of evil;” (lines 162-165)

We know the demons plot to create evil so as to have something for good to arise from. I don’t think they themselves are entirely evil, they simply enable sin, and humans act in accordance with good or evil by their own choices.

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