Question for Book 4 of “Paradise Lost” by John Milton

“And like a devillish Engine back recoiles
Upon himself; horror and doubt distract
His troubl’d thoughts, and from the bottom stirr
The Hell within him, for within him Hell [ 20 ]
He brings, and round about him, nor from Hell
One step no more then from himself can fly
By change of place: Now conscience wakes despair
That slumberd, wakes the bitter memorie
Of what he was, what is, and what must be [ 25 ]”

Milton , John. “Paradise Lost: Book 4.” Paradise Lost: Book 4,

In this part of the book, Satan is seen showing some form of remorse for what he is about to do. Is this idea based on biblical interpretation, or is it purely an idea of Milton’s that he put into a biblical context? From some research I have done about this question, I know that the bible says that angels can feel emotions, but Satan is always portrayed as purely evil. So, is it possible that the biblical interpretation of Satan can feel remorse like Milton’s version? Or is it the purposeful ignorance of that remorse that makes Satan evil in either context, despite whatever remorse might be felt?

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