Question for Nov. 17

At several moments in Paradise lost, Adam and Eve lament the amount of work they have to accomplish in the Garden. They mention how it would be easier if they had others to help them, potentially alluding to a desire for children.

for much their work outgrew / The hands’ dispatch of two gard’ning so wide.

Paradise lost, (9.202-03)

Another passage notes:

branches overgrown, / that mock our scant manuring, and require / More hands than ours to look their wanton growth”

Paradise Lost, (4.627-29)

It seems odd that, in this paradise, the workload would be too great. I wonder why Milton chose to include this specific gripe and how that may affect our reading of the story. Obviously, this is the issue that leads to Eve and Adam splitting apart and, eventually, the temptation, but is there a deeper significance? Why would God create paradise for two people but give them too much work?

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