Question for “The Blazing World”

From what I gather from the other world that the majority of the story takes place in, it is supposed to be a better world than the one that the empress originally lived in and the one we live in now. It is a world where everyone gets along despite their differences, where there is only one religion that no one disagrees about, and everyone loves their one, singular ruler. So, it seems that this would be a sort of representation of what Margaret Cavendish envisioned for a better world. My question is if this is supposed to be a better world, why are the women of the population not allowed in positions of church and state, or even allowed into the church building themselves? Why are the women told to pray by themselves in their closets?

“Truly, replied the Empress, I thought you had been either Jews, or Turks, because I never perceived any Women in your Congregations: But what is the reason, you bar them from your religious Assemblies? It is not fit, said they, that Men and Women should be promiscuously together in time of Religious Worship; for their company hinders Devotion, and makes many, instead of praying to God, direct their Devotion to their Mistresses. But, asked the Empress, Have they no Congregation of their own, to perform the duties of Divine Worship, as well as Men? No, answered they: but they stay at home, and say their Prayers by themselves in their Closets.”

Cavendish , Margaret. “The Blazing World (1668) – Scholarly Edition.” Digital Cavendish Project, 16 Apr. 2019,
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