Reflection for Nov. 17

I was quite interested by the padlet discussion regarding why Adam and Eve chose to eat the fruit. One group (Aidan, Colton, Tess, Lilian, Emily) made some great points about how Satan appealed to Eve’s sense of goodness. I agree with this, and noted how Satan worked to convince her that the fruit would allow her to make her own conclusions about good and evil, independent of God’s will. Satan says:

Why then was this forbid? Why but o awe, / Why but to keep ye low and ignorant

Paradise Lost, 9.704-05

He even explicitly states the potential to live beyond God’s knowledge, saying:

Knowing both good and evil as they know. / That ye should be as gods.

Paradise Lost, 9.709-10

Satan;s appeal to Eve’s goodness moves beyond a desire to follow God’s wishes, and suggests that there is goodness outside God’s dominion. I’m fascinated by this idea of God as a limiting factor in the pursuit of virtue, even though it is proposed by Satan.

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