Similizing the Brain to a Garden Question

I honestly forgot halfway through reading this poem that it was supposed to relate the brain to a garden. I had to reread it to understand it because if you read it without the title, it is just a poem about a garden and nature. Rereading it and comparing it to the human brain made it a lot more interesting. She personifies multiple things throughout the poem, such as “bathing each leaf” (Cavendish, 6) or “Passing their time away in amorous sport” (Cavendish, 18). My question is, could this poem work with no deeper meaning? Like, if it was actually just a poem about a garden, would it still work? Would it be as popular? More? Less? I love considering how changing a piece of work just slightly could alter its entire existence. Changing one small thing could make it so the piece was never known by anyone, or known by twice as many people.

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