The Blazing World Discussion

When trying to figure out what I wanted my discussion post about the ideas of faith being religious and the ideas of consciousness came up. After reading some of the blog posts, @alliegillis made an interesting point by stating the fact that the mention or the ideas of half-man half-creature, seemed almost normal to them but when they mentioned the blood that they contain, they were almost in shellshock. In section four of The Blazing World, they state, “The lady now found herself in so strange a place, and amongst wonderful kinds of creatures, was extremely strucken with fear”. I feel as though them putting the wonderful creature’s part first, showed she was not fully scared of what they looked like, yet was more scared of the fact of being in a new place and being scared of what they would do to her, but them being half-human half-animal, was not what made her scared. Even though she was not scared of them, she has not seen them before so her being confused and in awe at the fact that they have less blood, “if those mentioned creatures have no blood, how is it possible they can live” (Cavendish, 34). They clearly have a different anatomy then what she is used to seeing, and clearly, this is a whole other world where things work differently, so why is she so shocked by it?

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