Beowulf’s Ego

When Beowulf fights the dragon that has been terrorizing the locals, he goes to kill her by himself. He tells his men to stay behind, that “This is [his] fight” (2532). Throughout the poem, Beowulf has proven that his ego is too big for him. He does things on his own constantly, despite having an entire army at his back. This ego of his proves to be his downfall; when he goes in alone is when he dies. However, when Wiglaf goes in to help, they’re able to slay the dragon together. There have been hints since the beginning that Beowulf’s ego was his fatal flaw, but to see it play out is very interesting. Until the end, he was sure that he could do dangerous things on his own without any help. His ego is both the reason that he grew to power in the first place after the slaying of Grendel and the reason for his downfall.

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